Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mustang Pickup

18 Mar 2008
Mustang Challenge
Mar 8, 2008
10:20 am Carla and I pulled out of our driveway heading to Redmond, Or. about 320 miles from our home near Hooper, WA. Dan and Shelley Simmons were down in Sacramento picking up both mine and Shelleys draw. We arrived in Redmond with still plenty of daylight left. Thought we’d find our way out to the training/boarding facilities, where Shelley would be keeping her "stang" and we were to pick ours up. Planned on meeting the Simmons there that evening and checking out my filly, then go back into town, spend the night and then load her in the trailer Sun. morning and head home
Piece of Cake!
Nope.... didn’t quite happen that way! As we pulled into Redmond, all proud or ourselves for making the trip without running anybody off the road, and actually on time, Shelley calls and says the worst thing that could happen just did. Seems the worst that Dan and Shelley could come up with was to be bouncing across the RR tracks, heading out of Doris, CA ( pop. 1,000 which I think they’re lying.... maybe counting dogs and cows ) and to have a train barreling down on them blow it’s whistle. They look in their mirrors and there’s a couple of broom tails kinda trotting along the highway. Looked just like the two they were hauling. So they pull over, look in their trailer..... there’s no more door!
When ole Dinah blew her horn, those 2 critters hit the back end of the trailer hard enough to bust the welds on the hinges!
Fortunately, the two mustangs followed a gravel road and someone in a rig behind the Simmons followed the two jail birds and " Praise the Lord!" they turned into an open gate of an old hay trap, maybe an acre.
Well, the Simmons found the ole boy that owns the cow outfit on the outskirts of Doris. He was kind enough to bring a bunch of panels and set them up on the gate end of the trap. Then he gets a horseback and eases in there, but looks like the mustangs are thinking of hitting the wire fence and changing our good fortune.
The new plan was to just let them be thru the night and hopefully the horses would be content with a little hay thrown out for them and cows on the other side of the fence.

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Tracey said...

Yeah! Glad you made it over to blogspot! Also glad to see lead ropes on those two wayward ponies there, lol!

And like I said over at myspace...the rest of the story, please! If you keep leaving us hanging with things like this, we may have to call you Paul Harvey!