Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WEEKS 4 & 5 ..... Mar. 30-Apr 12

The week of the 30th I got to Tina 5 times if I remember correct. I'd spend about half the sessions with different ground work, going over things I've asked and introduced to her in the days before, and about half my time in the saddle.

Started asking for a vertical soft feel at a stand still and the walk. I also asked Tina to start bending around my leg, and probably about the 4th ride I started working on lateral movement or a leg yield. She's gonna be soft! The 3rd or 4th ride I just ask for a vertical soft feel. When I have that consistently, I then ask for a backup.... but I have to have softness first. Then when asking for a back up, it is just one step to begin with and no more 'til that is consistent. Might take a day or two. Then 2 or 3 steps. If I ask too much too quick, she'll get hard and resistant. The hurrier you go, the slower you get there.

Thurs. the 3rd of April KXLY News of Spokane came down to film and interview me, and it aired Tues. the 8th. I didn't see it.... did any of you? At least I didn't fall off.

April 5th we had a horsemanship clinic at our place. Had 12 riders in our arena with a very brisk wind that made our sound system screech! I instructed with Tina for several hours and she was just plumb good with all the strange horses and commotion going on. Carla failed to get a picture of it!

The 5th week I rode Tina in my barn for something different. It is a good place to get her sidling up to the walls and fence so she's comfortable with the noise of scraping, slapping and me kicking whatever we're walking or standing up against. I like to do this in preparation to moving laterally next to a gate, so whenever I start opening and closing gates a horseback, we've already got a good start.

Rode Tina 3 days this week in the snaffle. She took to it perty good first day.... the normal mouthing and flipping the tongue around like a fish out of water. The 2nd day in the snaffle she acted like she'd been packing it all along. Have been working on stopping into a fence and rolling back. I think she's gonna have a good stop. Also, when backing her up, I started working on backing in circles both directions away from the bend. I don't worry about loping colts too quick in the training unless they feel like they want to, or need to. Lots of work at a walk and trot.

Friday, April 4, 2008

WEEK 3 ..... Mar. 23-29

Again, I got to Tina just 4 days during this week. The 1st day I stepped in the saddle from both sides quite a little so as not to get her too one-sided, and also to let her feel me on her back and see me with both eyes. I asked for a lot of lateral bend and moved the hind end off my leg. Every now and then, when getting in and out of saddle, I'd send her off around the corral after she felt my weight in the stirrup and on her back. Once she took a few jumps. I did ask her to move her feet in a couple small circles while I was astride her.... then called it good for that day.

The next couple of days I continued with the ground work before riding, and got her moving hind end away perty good, and stepping front end across. I asked her to walk and trot both directions.

The 4th day this week, it was getting too late for me to ride her, so I just did different ground work. I'm gaining trust a little every day. When a colt hasn't been touched or halter broke, it's important to build trust at the same time I'm working on manners, respect and control.