Friday, April 4, 2008

WEEK 3 ..... Mar. 23-29

Again, I got to Tina just 4 days during this week. The 1st day I stepped in the saddle from both sides quite a little so as not to get her too one-sided, and also to let her feel me on her back and see me with both eyes. I asked for a lot of lateral bend and moved the hind end off my leg. Every now and then, when getting in and out of saddle, I'd send her off around the corral after she felt my weight in the stirrup and on her back. Once she took a few jumps. I did ask her to move her feet in a couple small circles while I was astride her.... then called it good for that day.

The next couple of days I continued with the ground work before riding, and got her moving hind end away perty good, and stepping front end across. I asked her to walk and trot both directions.

The 4th day this week, it was getting too late for me to ride her, so I just did different ground work. I'm gaining trust a little every day. When a colt hasn't been touched or halter broke, it's important to build trust at the same time I'm working on manners, respect and control.

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