Friday, May 16, 2008

May 16th Ride The West

YIKES!! Carla has been after me for a mo. to get something new on the blog..... Tina is coming along nicely, and I will write in detail after this wknd.

We are heading up to Spokane where we have a booth and will compete in "Ride The West".
Come see us!!


Tracey said...

I came!

I saw!!

But no Tina...sniff...

It was nice to finally meet the two of you and put faces to names (hatless face, in your case, Keith!) Looking forward to seeing you in Sacrament :)

Andrea said...

It was good to meet you again Keith. I was there with Tracey. I watched the trail challenge yesterday, congrats on doing well! That was definitely some stiff competition. I wanted to ask, how "finished" is the horse you were riding? I thought maybe he was young because he's still in a snaffle, but I don't know how your training progresses. Good looking horse!

So, are you purposely keeping Tina's progress a secret?? I bet you're going to leave the competition in the dust at Sacramento and you just don't want anyone to know until you get there. :) I wish I could be there to watch. I hope you can get some video for those of us who are stuck at home.

Keith Danielson said...

I was pleased with how the buckskin did in Spokane. I started her last Fall, she's a client horse. This was only her second time to town. Hopefully, things go well with Tina in Sacramento. There's a lot that needs to be accomplished. Shoud be an enjoyable event. Thanks for the comments. Keith

Keith Danielson said...

Glad to meet you! Hope you have a god trip down to Sacramento, See you then!