Tuesday, June 3, 2008

May 22- June 2 Leaving for Sacramento!!

I've been loading Tina in the trailer most every day these last couple weeks. She is getting to where she doesn't hesitate the first approach. I've hauled her a couple different times..... did help a neighbor gathering a pasture with Tina. That was the 2nd time I had her around cattle. The more I can get her out in different situations, the more it'll make her an all 'round better horse.
Been blanketing her lately, she's a looking perty good.... slicking off nice. She does have some hair on her flanks she hasn't slipped.
Tomorrow, June 3rd, Carla, Tina Turner and I are starting our trip South. We will spend the night in Redmond OR . and pick up Shelley Simmons bronc and will follow Shelley into Sacramento ( hope she knows where she's going, cuz we don't!! ) We plan to be in Sacramento Wed. evening.
I'm happy with how Tina is progressing. I just have to remember she is basically a 60-65 day colt. I haven't counted up my days, but I'm guessing I don't have any more time than that with her. Because it's a competition, you want to cover as many different things as possible without pushing them unnecessarily. You do what you can in the time allowed and let the chips fall where they may.
I guess one of the enjoyments of starting colts, whether they've never been handled and are fearful and leery of man, or have been raised with lots of human contact, is taking them from where they are, gaining trust and learning to respond with their body parts. Where once they knew nothing of our rules and expectations, we are able through feel and intentions to put them where we want, on the ground or in the saddle, and be able to perform different tasks, and even be a pal.
The Lord has given me a good life!

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